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There are a number of Free 3D resources available to Download on the internet, from Free 3D Software, to Free 3D Models & Free 3D Textures. The Links below will lead you to the best we've found over the years. If you have any relevant resources give us a heads up & we'll include them here.


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3D Software

Links to popular 3D software programs/ FREE 3D software: 3d-software.php  

 Blender 3D gets a lot of real estate on this site, because its an amazing Software that performs so many functions.  3D Creation & 3D Animation, Video Editing, Image & Video Compositing/VFX...& its even got a Game Engine. Blender's a challenging software to master because of its range & versatility, but well worth learning for Film Making & VFX. Its got a huge community of international users & supporters, & an abundance of tutorials & educational materials in every language. Blender is by far one of the most powerful & sophisticated programs around for 3D, Editing, VFX and Animation.  Best of all, Blender is open source & completely FREE. http://www.blender.org

FREE: For Architecture, Engineering & integration with Google Maps check out the popular Trimble 3D program Sketchup. http://www.sketchup.com

Makehuman is a FREE & opensource software used to create human figure models that can be modified with other 3D programs.  Free Download at Makehuman.org :  http://www.makehuman.org

Sculptris is a FREE software offered by Pixologic, the makers of ZBrush. Sculptris is intended to be an introductory software to digital sculpting. Sculptris lacks the animation & scene creation abilities of the more robust ZBrush, but it is an excelent software w/ a simple & intuitive UI that will allow you to create incredibly intricate & detailed 3D forms immediately. Sculptris is one of the best & most advanced 3D sculpting softwares available. These models can be exported & imported into other programs for further modification, rigging or animation. Check it out at Pixologic.com/sculptris :  http://pixologic.com/sculptris/

MARI is a 3D Texture Painting software developed by The Foundry. It is one of the leading tools in the VFX industry & the non-commercial version can be downloaded for learning & private use here:  https://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/non-commercial/

AutoDesk is the maker of many Top Notch, Industry favorite 3D applications such as 3Ds Max, Auto CAD, Maya, & Mud Box.  You can Download Free Trials of all of these programs and for extended use you have to look at their smaller Program 'Fusion 360' which has a free trial that can be extended indefinitely for hobbyist & non-commercial use.  https://www.autodesk.com/solutions/3d-modeling-software

Clara.io is a web based application to create & render 3D models & scenes online. Register & use for free at:  https://clara.io/

**25 Free 3D modeling softwares that should not be missed, brought to you by Hongkiat.com :  http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/25-free-3d-modelling-applications-you-should-not-miss/

Free PBR Textures for 3D animation & Gaming assets. http://freepbr.com

All3dFree.net  Vray materials. Free Download (many models & textures too) http://www.all3dfree.net/vray-materials-library.html
15 FREE texture images every day. Choose from thousands:  https://www.textures.com/howItWorks