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*** We are always interested in contributions and helpful Links!  We are especially interested in expanding our Stock Footage, Stock Images, Plug-in's, Add-on's and any pertinent assets. We can Host files & provide the Downloads.  If you are holding a cash of decent, original materials or assets that you have created, and are willing to share with the greater community, please contact us to discuss having them hosted & distributed here.

We tend to offer materials under a Creative Commons license, without any commercial use restrictions & EMG-Mediamaker does not "Require" attribution (however we appreciate it) 

We can distribute materials with any license stipulations you might require, ie 'Attribution Required', 'Noncommercial use', 'Share Alike'. We can credit and back-link to you & your work.

If you are holding assets you are willing to share, feel free to contact us! 

*** Hey, are you making a real Film or  Web Series?  Have you done it before & actually know what your doing? Does your project have a realistic Development, Production & Distribution strategy?  Is your project being run by working industry professionals?

If you can answer YES to all of these questions, & have some evidence to prove it, EMG Pacific has 3 websites that cover Film & Filmmaking news.  We'd be willing to look at your press release and article proposals.  If you have a story or content thats appealing and you're looking for Press & Buzz, consider reaching out to us with a proposal.  Although we are just getting into actual 'Articles' & written content, we do have a considerable social media following & can reach 100's of thousands of readers through those outlets.

*** Do you Blog about Film or Media Production? Is it good stuff??  Send us a link for hosting, send us an Article or  Blog post to publish ourselves & we'll run the first 1/2 with a  back link to you.

We are interested in all forms of Film news. Trends, Interviews, Stories, & of course, free stuff.  If you've got something good, send a proposal. 

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