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'Digital Marketing' is a huge category. Theres a bunch of specific marketing niche's such as Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Amazon / Online Retail Marketing & many more. Keep on Scrolling down, (its a long page) We try to give you a good intro & overview here with links to various free resources & assets. 

We have some amazing FREE Online classes to study Digital Marketing, Media Communications and much more, specifically at 'Future Learn' & 'Alison' online learning sites:  EMG Mediamaker / Online School

   Weather you're writing HTML or looking for some elements & simple hosting/design options, we've put together a list of useful resources for your web design needs.

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***,   I randomly found a video of Neil Patel speaking at an event about Marketing & SEO on the internet. I'm soo glad I did. I was quite impressed by his lecture & after looking into more of his work & talks I can honestly say hes one of the best resources I've ever found online. His Knowledge is immense, his information is concise & relevant. His content & material is quick, well presented & loaded with valuable tips & practices that make Internet Marketing interesting & clearly understandable.  Yes, he does offer  a 'marketing program course' you can buy, but unlike all the other Marketers  who are 10% information & 90% sales pitch, Neil delivers the exact opposite.
           I'm sure his paid program is top notch, but his FREE info, videos & blog post are  AMAZING. He covers all areas of SEO strategy & insight, explaining exactly how to  maximize your online potential & in doing so, he points out all the FREE (& paid) software, tools & apps available to help you along the way. I could go on & on about how much I like the guy, but instead I'll just say, If you are interested in Web Dev, if you have any kind of online presence, if you are marketing anything online or want to learn about Marketing & SEO go check him out. Have a good look around, his stuff is great!

Digital Marketer mini course:

Digital Marketing Jargon Buster from Google:

7 best keyword research tools:

Dan Brock, Deadbeat Super Affiliate:  Dan Brocks videos have a lot of really good Info, Tips, & Technique for beginning Affiliate Marketing. He does have an upsell to his program, but his Videos are all legit with the Info you need & quality content. Definitely worth checking out & hopping on his mailing list!

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Affiliate Marketing. Google+ Community

Affiliate Marketing YouTube Google+. Google+ Community

Affiliate Marketing News. Google+

Affiliate Marketing. Facebook

Affiliate Marketing. Facebook

Ok people, There are easily 20-30 'groups' on Facebook, all with the title 'Affiliate Marketing' & a bunch more called 'Affiliate Marketing Worldwide' plus even more with related titles. The majority of these groups have 15,000 to 45,000 members, & theres many more with 3000+ members. Instead of individually linking all 50+ of these groups, I'd like to encourage you to go to your Facebook search bar, Type in 'Affiliate marketing', & then click 'More' on the section that only shows you 'Groups'. I'll try to give you a direct link to that search:

OMG!! ^^^ This 'RSS Feed' from is pretty good marketing info & we only listed 2 of their 40 feeds. If you download a free 'RSS READER' you can go to the link & get them all.
If you want us to carry more of their feeds here, let us know with a comment!

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