There are a wide variety of Social Networks online for Filmmakers, Photographers, Writers, VFX Artist & Creative Professionals. Weather for Learning, Networking or Sharing your own materials, these are some of the largest & most popular Social Media Groups & Communities online.  Scroll down to explore them by category!  

**We've recently expanded the site to include some more topics of interest such as Acting, Marketing, Book Writing & Publishing, Blogging, Copy Writing & more. We have 'SOCIAL NETWORKS' listings for all those interest as well, but they are listed on each of those topic  pages.

Film Making Networks: 

Stage is a FREE social network for Film Makers & all those involved in Film & TV production:

Film Producers & Directors, Facebook:

Movie Producers, Investors and Professionals, Facebook:

Film Casting & Job Board Los Angeles, Facebook:

Filmmakers Network Movies Television Producers Directors Writers Actors,  Facebook:

Independent Film Initiative, Facebook:

Independent Film-Makers, Facebook:

Independent Film Society, Facebook:

Indie Film Producers, Google+:

TV & Film Production, Google+:

United Filmmakers Association:

New York Film/TV Production Network, Facebook:

Short Film Makers, Google+:

Women in Film & Video, Facebook:

Film & TV Tech Professionals, Linkedin

Independent Filmmakers & Screenwriters, Linkedin

International Television Professionals, Linkedin

Film Producers & Directors, Linkedin

CharmedLife. TV Media & Entertainment, Linkedin

Video Production Professionals, Google+


Photography For Beginners, Facebook

Photography For Beginners, Facebook

Digital Photography School, Facebook

SLR Lounge Photography Community, Facebook

Expert Photography Group, Facebook

The World of Photography, Google+

Image Compositing

Learning Photoshop, Google+:

Various Writing Networks:

TSL Network,

Lit Agent & Manager Help, Facebook:

3D Modeling & Animation Networks: 

3D Modeling & Animation Group, Facebook:

 VFX & CGI Networks: 

Adobe After Effects Portal:

Animation & Visual Effects, Facebook:

Art-VFX-Animation-Tutorials, Facebook:

Graphic Design Resource Center, Google+:

The Masters of the Digital Art 2D 3D 4D, Facebook:

Natron VFX compositor, Facebook Group: is all about Free resources for Filmmaking & Digital Arts for the Creative professional. We have content about web design, photography, music, stock footage, free footage, stock image, free images, photo, free photo, free Software, tutorials, VFX, 3D animation, 3D models, CGI, Filmmaking, Producing, Directing, Digital Cinema, Media, Graphic Design, & Art.

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