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We have a large selection of various FREE stock footage, including our own free footage and also external sources. Check out categories & links below!

SKY FOOTAGE: sky-footage.php

NATURE FOOTAGE: nature-footage.php

GLITCH FOOTAGE: glitch-footage.php

BOKEH FOOTAGE: Bokeh-Footage.php

TRANSPO FOOTAGE: Transpo-Footage.php

240 Sites for stock Footage & Images. Footageinfo.com:  http://www.footageinfo.com/listing

Take a look at these external links for more free footage!

Cutestockfootage.com is an excellent resource: http://www.cutestockfootage.com/#free

StockFootageForFree.com is basically a front for & provided by VideoBlocks.com but they do offer a decent selection of some free footage for download at : http://www.stockfootageforfree.com

BeachFrontBroll.com has a selection of free footage: http://www.beachfrontbroll.com

LightLeakLove.com has a set of flairs & light leaks available for free if you sign up for their newsletter: http://lightleaklove.com/products/light-free

VJloopsHD.Blogspot.com has some amazing free VFX footage. Explore the whole archive! I found instead of downloading theyre extra 'Install Accelerator' in the link, simply bypass that option by selecting the "click here to retry": http://vjloophd.blogspot.com

Beeple-crap.com an amazing selection of VFX/VJ loops created by Mike Winkelmann, & generously released (CC) for private or commercial use: http://www.beeple-crap.com/vjclips.php

All-Free-Download.com has pages & pages of free footage that's simple to download: http://all-free-download.com/free-footage/page/7

CMStudios carries a few selections of free stock footage & Green screen footage: http://cmssix.com/free-green-screen-videos/

Ignitemotion.com: http://www.ignitemotion.com

Rodypolis.com Free Stock footage: http://www.rodypolis.com/free-stuff.html

Splasheo.com has free intro's & segways: http://www.splasheo.com/video-boosters

Motionbackgroundsforfree.com: http://www.motionbackgroundsforfree.com

Free-Video-footage.com: http://www.free-video-footage.com

Free HD Stock Footage on Vimeo:  https://vimeo.com/groups/freehd

Rampant Design 40+ Free VFX clips  http://rampantdesigntools.com/free-download-sign/

Footagecrate.com has a large selection of Free VFX elements.  Footagecrate.com 

Pexels, one of the best FREE image & footage sites  https://videos.pexels.com

Free-HD-Footage.com: http://www.free-hd-footage.com