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 I've done many different things in my career, from comedies to documentaries, from music videos to commercials, but I've always loved Sci-Fi. A year ago I came up with the idea of making an 80s cyberpunk b-movie. Initially I wanted to call it "Attack of the Cyber Shrimps", second title was "Attack of the Cyber Crabs", then I figured out that "Octopuses" were the right choice! 

So you've figured out the difference between a 'YouTuber' & a 'Filmmaker'. You've decided you're a Filmmaker. You're gonna make real movies. You've learned a lot about cinematography & lenses. You know how to write & shoot a script.

These days you're probably even doing your own Editing, Color Grading & VFX. It's taken you years to hone these skills & there's no going back now.... You're destined for greatness & nothing can stop you... Hell, you even know what a C-47 is. You've got this whole game on lock, yo'....

Well sorry, That's Not Enough!!!

These days, aside from recording audio & doing every other thing yourself too, there's still one more part of the equation you should have complete control over... Marketing, & Digital Marketing specifically.

The Key Word & SEO kind of stuff. No, sorry, really.... You got to handle it!

It's like a car, you basically need all the parts to work. You cant really pick & choose what you want to do & forget the rest. You could have the nicest, newest automobile with all the extras. If its got a clogged fuel line, a broken radiator & a flat tire, its not going anywhere.

The 'Hidden Tactics' of Crowd Funding Strategy that professional advisers insist upon, & charge to tell you about. 

 There is no 'Order of importance' to these next steps... They are ALL critical to success...in short, do not neglect or dismiss any of these points. 

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