Neal Hirsig, Blender 3D Design Course, Tufts University
Lessons 4,5 & 6

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Lesson 04 - Object / Edit Mode Modeling


Lesson #4 covers some common modeling tools such s Parenting, Joining and Separating. It also examines Blender curve objects (as opposed to mesh objects) and details the curve extrusion, beveling (lofting) and lathing features.

Video Tutorials:

04-01 - Empty Object
04-02 - Background Image
04-03 - Parenting Objects
04-04 - Joining Objects
04-05 - Separating Objects
04-06 - Subdivision Surface Modifier
04-07 - Bezier Curves And Circles Handles
04-08 - Bezier Curve And Circle Extrusion
04-09 - Bezier Curve And Circle Loft Beveling Along A Path
04-10 - Bezier Curve And Circle Lathe Beveling Along A Path
04-11 - Snap And Align Tools
04-12 - Proportional Editing
04-13 - Text Objects

PDF Tutorials:


Lesson 04 - 04A - Bugle

**Lesson 04-04A.Bugle**

Bugle PDF Tutorial
bugle background.jpg
Bugle Complete.blend

wine glass

Lesson 04 - 04B - Wine Glass (Optional)

**Lesson Glass**

Wine Glass PDF Tutorial
Wine Glass Complete.blend


Using the Spin tool, model a bottle that looks something like this image. (Variation) - Use the Spin tool to model a vase-like object.


Lesson 05 - Materials And Textures


Lesson #5 focuses on Blender Materials and Textures. It provides a good introduction to using Blender's shader, transparency, mirror and ramp controls as well as an introduction to procedural and image texturing.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

Read Chapter 4 and 5 of the John Blain "Complete Guide to Blender Graphics" - Materials and Textures (pages 85-130)

Video Tutorials:

05-01 - Colored Material
05-02 - Multiple Materials
05-03 - Blender Materials Shaders
05-04 - Blender Materials Transparency
05-05 - Blender Materials Mirror
05-06 - Blender Materials Ramps
05-07 - Procedural Textures Gradient Blend
05-08 - Image Textures
05-09 - Decal Image Textures
05-10 - Bump Textures
05-11 - Camera Constraint
05-12 - Appending And Linking Blender Files
05-13 - Rendering To An Image File
05-14 - Render Slots
05-15 - Packing Image Texture Files
05-15 - Image Textures - Generated Mapping

PDF Tutorials:

my materials

Lesson 05 - 05A - My Materials

**Lesson 05-05A.My Materials**

My Materials PDF Tutorial
My Materials.blend


Lesson 05 - 05B - Martini (Optional)


Martini PDF Tutorial
Martini Complete.blend


Using transparency and mirror, render an image that looks something like this image - an object between a glass plane and a mirror. (Variation) - Give the object itself a mirror-like material.



Lesson 06 - Lighting


Lesson #6 focuses on Blender lighting and the World background editor. Blender has a wonderful selection of lamp objects that allow modelers to create both realistic and abstract lighting effects.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

Read Chapter 7 of the John Blain "Complete Guide to Blender Graphics" - Lighting and Cameras (pages 131-136)

Video Tutorials:

06-01 - Blender Lighting Point Lamp
06-02 - Blender Lighting Sun Lamp
06-03 - Blender Lighting Sun Lamp Sky And Atmosphere
06-04 - Blender Lighting Hemi Lamp
06-05 - Blender Lighting Area Lamp
06-06 - Blender Lighting Spot Lamp
06-07 - Blender Lighting Ambient Occlusion
06-08 - World Editor Background Sky
06-09 - World Editor Background Image
06-10 - World Editor Stars
06-11 - World Editor Mist
06-12 - LampConstraints and Parenting

PDF Tutorials:


Lesson 06 - 06A - Flashlight

**Lesson 06-06A.Flashlight**

Flashlight PDF Tutorial
Flashlight Complete.blend

tufts text

Lesson 06 - 06B - Tufts Text (Optional)

**Lesson 06-06B.Tufts Text**

Tufts Text PDF Tutorial
Tufts Text.mp4
Tufts Text Complete.blend


With 4 cubes and a monkey object, use Blender lighting and world mist to create a rendered image that looks something like this image. (Variation) - Use a spot lamp to Illuminate the money object with a sharp beam of volumetric light.



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