Neal Hirsig, Blender 3D Design Course, Tufts University
Lessons 7,8 & 9

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Lesson 07 - Animation


Lesson #7 covers the basics of Blender's animation tools including the Graph Editor and its various functions. The lesson also provides an introduction to Blender Shape Keys.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

Read Chapter 9 of the John Blain "Complete Guide to Blender Graphics" - Animation Basics (pages 143-176)

Video Tutorials:

07-01 - Basic Keyframe Animation
07-02 - Graph Editor
07-03 - Cyclic Animation
07-04 - Path Animation
07-05 - Camera Path Fly Around
07-06 - Alpha Animation
07-07 - Color Animation
07-08 - Shape Key Animation
07-09 - Rendering To A Video File

PDF Tutorials:

shark animation

Lesson 07 - 07A - Shark Animation

**Lesson 07-07A.Shark Animation**

Shark Animation PDF Tutorial
Shark Animation.mp4
Shark Modeling Complete.blend
Shark Animation Complete.blend


Lesson 07 - 07B - Globe (Optional)

**Lesson 07-07B.Globe**

Globe PDF Tutorial
Globe Complete.blend


Create a 100 frame animation that looks something like this video - 2 rings rotating around a different axis. (Variation) - Add a third inner ring rotating around a third axis.

**************Picture not available*************

Lesson 08 - Modifiers


Lesson #8 focuses on many of Blender's modifiers. Blender modifiers are quite powerful tools that can change the entire character of your model.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

Read Chapter 12 of the John Blain "Complete Guide to Blender Graphics" - Modifiers (pages 191-238)

Video Tutorials:

08-01 - Array Modifier
08-02 - Bevel Modifier
08-03 - Boolean Modifier
08-04 - Curve Modifier
08-05 - Simple Deform Modifier
08-06 - Mirror Modifier
08-07 - Lattice Modifier
08-08 - Displace Modifier
08-09 - Wave Modifier
08-10 - Solidify Modifier
08-11 - Decimate Modifier
08-12 - Edge Split Modifier
08-13 - Screw Modifier
08-14 - Multiple Modifiers

PDF Tutorials:


Lesson 08 - 08A - Dice

**Lesson 08-08A.Dice**

Dice PDF Tutorial
Dice Complete.blend


Lesson 08 - 08B - Cave (Optional)

**Lesson 08-08B.Cave**

Cave PDF Tutorial
Cave Complete.blend


Using the Array modifier and the Curve modifier, model a chain that looks something like shown in this image. (Variation) - Model the chain so that it creates a circle of links.


Lesson 09 - Blender Scenes and Modeling


Lesson #9 looks at some of the Blender Scene components and how data is stored in Blender. There is also a few tutorials of common modeling problems.

Video Tutorials:

09-01 - Multiple Cameras
09-02 - Multiple Blender Scenes
09-03 - Blender Groups
09-04 - Blender Display Speed And File Size
09-05 - Smoothing Problems
09-06 - Cutting A Hole In A Flat Surface
09-07 - Cutting A Hole Out Of A Curved Surface
09-08 - Creating An Animated GIF
09-09 - Binding Multiple Cameras To The Blender Timeline

PDF Tutorials:

tiger lily

Lesson 09 - 09A - Tiger Lily

**Lesson 09-09A.Tiger Lily**

Tiger Lily PDF Tutorial
Tiger Lily Complete.blend


Starting with a Plane object, model a wall with a hole in it, something like shown in this image. (Variation) - Instead of a circular hole, model an elliptical hole.



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