Neal Hirsig, Blender 3D Design Course, Tufts University
Lessons 10,11 & 12

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Lesson 10 - Particles


Lesson #10 examines Blender's Particle system.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

Read Chapter 13 of the John Blain "Complete Guide to Blender Graphics" - Particles (pages 239-282)

Video Tutorials:

10-01 - Basic Blender Particles Part 1
10-02 - Basic Blender Particles Part 2
10-03 - Smoke Particles
10-04 - Smoke Simulation
10-05 - Fire Particles
10-06 - Fire Simulation
10-07 - Static Particles

PDF Tutorials:

swarm of bees

Lesson 10 - 10A - Swarm of Bees

**10-10A.Swarm of Bees**

Swarm of Bees PDF Tutorial
Swarm of Bees.mp4
Swarm of Bees Complete.blend
Swarm of


Lesson 10 - 10B - Candle (Optional)


Candle PDF Tutorial
Candle Complete.blend


Model a short smoke stack and render a 200 frame animation of smoke billowing out of the stack, something like shown in this video. (Variation) - Add sparks to the smoke.

************Picture Not Available******************

Lesson 11 - Constraints


Lesson #11 provides an introduction to the Blender constraint system - Transform, Tracking and Relationship constraints.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

Read Chapter 14 of the John Blain "Complete Guide to Blender Graphics" Child/Parent Relationships and Constraints (pages 283-306)

Video Tutorials:


PDF Tutorials:

rocket drive chain

Lesson 11 - 11A - Rocket Steam Locomotive Drive Train

**Lesson 11-11A Rocket Steam Locomotive Drive Train**

Rocket Drive Chain PDF Tutorial
rocket diagram side view.png
Rocket Drive Chain Complete.blend
Rocket Drive

deciduous trees

Lesson 11 - 11B - Deciduous Trees (Optional)

**Lesson 11-11B.Deciduous Trees**

Deciduous Trees PDF Tutorial
Deciduous Trees Complete.blend


Add an Empty Object to the scene. Constrain your Blender Camera so that wherever the empty object moves, the camera will always point to the empty object. (Variation) - Animate the empty object.


Lesson 12 - UV Textures - Sculpting


Lesson #12 is an introduction to Blender UV Texture mapping procedures. It also focuses on the Blender Sculpting tool.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

Review Chapters 5.4 and 3.27 of the John Blain "Complete Guide to Blender Graphics" UV Texture Mapping and Sculpt Mode (pages 114-117 and 75-84)

Video Tutorials:

12-01 - UV Textures Part 1 - Unwrapping UVs
12-02 - UV Textures Part 2 - Rendering UV Textures
12-03 - UV Textures Part 3 - Seams
12-04 - Sculpt Mode

PDF Tutorials:

There is no lesson 12 PDF tutorial. Spend time experimenting with UV Texture mapping and with Blender sculpt mode.

rocket modeling

Lesson 12 - 12B - Rocket Steam Locomotive Modeling (Optional)

**Lesson 12-12B.Rocket Steam Locomotive Modeling**

Rocket Locomotive Modeling PDF Tutorial
Rocket Drive Chain Complete.blend
Rocket Locomotive Modeling Complete.blend
Rocket Locomotive

rocket animation

Lesson 12 - 12C - Rocket Steam Locomotive Animation (Optional)

**Lesson 12-12C.Rocket Steam Locomotive Animation**

Rocket Locomotive Animation PDF Tutorial
Rocket Locomotive Modeling Complete.blend
Rocket Locomotive.mp4
Rocket Locomotive Complete.blend
Rocket Locomotive


Add a Multiresolution modifier to the default cube. Use Blender's Sculpting tools to model a head something like shown in this image. (Variation) Add a sculpted body to the head object.



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