Neal Hirsig, Blender 3D Design Course, Tufts University
Lessons 13 & 14

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Lesson 13 - NURBS Surfaces / Meta Objects


Lesson #13 focuses on Blender's NURBS Surface tools and Blender's Meta Objects.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

Review Chapter 11 of the John Blain "Complete Guide to Blender Graphics" NURBS and Meta Shapes (pages 185-190)

Video Tutorials:

13-01 - NURBS Curves - The Basics
13-02 - NURBS Surface Curves - TheBasics 
13-03 - NURBS Surface Circle-Part1 
13-04 - NURBS Surface Circle-Part2-Dupliframes-Screw Modifier 
13-05 - NURBS Surface Patch 
13-06 - NURBS Surfaces-Cylinder-Sphere-Torus 
13-07 - NURBS Surfaces-Textures 
13-08 - Meta Objects-ObjectMode 
13-09 - Meta Objects-EditMode 

PDF Tutorials:

rocket modeling

Lesson 13A - NURBS Sailboat On the Ocean (Modeling and Animation)

**Lesson 13-13A.NURBS Sailboat on the Ocean**

NURBS Sailboat PDF Tutorial
NURBS Sailboat Complete.blend
NURBS Sailboat.mp4

rocket animation

Lesson 13B - MetaMan (Optional)

**Lesson 13-13B.MetaMan**

MetaMan PDF Tutorial


Using a NURBS Surface, model a chaise lounge similar to the one below. Option: Model a NURBS park bench.



Lesson 14 - Blender Rigid Body Dynamics


Lesson #14 focuses on Blender's Rigid Body Dynamics tools and functionality.

Suggested Texbook Readings:

There are no suggested textbook readings for this lesson.

Video Tutorials:

14-01 - Rigid Bodies Part 1
14-02 - Rigid Bodies Part 2
14-03 - Rigid Bodies Part 3
14-04 - Rigid Bodies Part 4 - Constraints
14-05 - Rigid Bodies Part 5 - Breakable Constraints
14-06 - Rigid Bodies Part 6 - Cache and Rendering
14-07 - Rigid Bodies Part 7 - Examples

PDF Tutorials:


Lesson 14A - House of Cards

**Lesson 14-14A.House of Cards**

**Lesson 14-14B.Rigid Body Examples**

House of Cards PDF Tutorial
House of Cards Complete.blend
House of Cards.mp4
House of


Create a mp4 video of a simple rigid body marble roll similar to that shown below. (Variation) create multiple collisions.

************Picture Not Available***********

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